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Qualitative Data Analysis Cartoon

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In the 1970s and 1980s, the increasing ubiquity of computers aided in qualitative analyses, several journals with a qualitative focus emerged, and postpositivism gained recognition in ... Read more the academy. In the late 1980s, questions of identity emerged, including issues of race, class, gender, and discourse communities, leading to research and writing becoming more reflexive. Throughout the 1990s, the concept of a passive observer/researcher was rejected, and qualitative research became more participatory and activist-oriented with support from the federal branches, such as the National Institute on Disability Research and Rehabilitation (NIDRR) of the US Department of Education (e. g. , Rehabilitation Research and Training Centers for Family and Community Living, 1990). Also, during this time, researchers began to use mixed-method approaches, indicating a shift in thinking of qualitative and quantitative methods as intrinsically incompatible. However, this history is not apolitical, as this has ushered in a politics of "evidence" (e. g. , evidence-based practices in health and human services) and what can count as "scientific" research in scholarship, a current, ongoing debate in the academy.

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Qualitative research cartoon  Qualitative Data Analysis Cartoon

Qualitative research cartoon


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Qualitative Data Analysis  Qualitative Data Analysis Cartoon

Qualitative Data Analysis


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Like an evaluator in a data  Qualitative Data Analysis Cartoon

Like an evaluator in a data


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The quantitative supporters  Qualitative Data Analysis Cartoon

The quantitative supporters


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Check out the cartoon below   Qualitative Data Analysis Cartoon

Check out the cartoon below


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Quants and WB cartoon  Qualitative Data Analysis Cartoon

Quants and WB cartoon


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Qualitative Research Cartoon  Qualitative Data Analysis Cartoon

Qualitative Research Cartoon


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about  Big Data  and what  Qualitative Data Analysis Cartoon

about Big Data and what


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