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Pacific Ocean Currents Map

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The volume of the Pacific Ocean, representing about 50. 1 percent of the world's oceanic water, has been estimated at some 714 million cubic kilometers. ... Read more Surface water temperatures in the Pacific can vary from −1. 4 Â°C (29. 5 Â°F), the freezing point of sea water, in the poleward areas to about 30 Â°C (86 Â°F) near the equator. Salinity also varies latitudinally, reaching a maximum of 37 parts per thousand in the southeastern area. The water near the equator, which can have a salinity as low as 34 parts per thousand, is less salty than that found in the mid-latitudes because of abundant equatorial precipitation throughout the year. The lowest counts of less than 32 parts per thousand are found in the far north as less evaporation of seawater takes place in these frigid areas. The motion of Pacific waters is generally clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere (the North Pacific gyre) and counter-clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. The North Equatorial Current, driven westward along latitude 15°N by the trade winds, turns north near the Philippines to become the warm Japan or Kuroshio Current.

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This map shows the global  Pacific Ocean Currents Map

This map shows the global


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Map of the North Pacific Ocean  Pacific Ocean Currents Map

Map of the North Pacific Ocean


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Western boundary currents are  Pacific Ocean Currents Map

Western boundary currents are


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Map of ocean currents in the  Pacific Ocean Currents Map

Map of ocean currents in the


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These currents often  Pacific Ocean Currents Map

These currents often


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 Hint Ocean Circulation Map   Pacific Ocean Currents Map

Hint Ocean Circulation Map


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Summer  North Pacific   Pacific Ocean Currents Map

Summer North Pacific


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In the above map  one of the  Pacific Ocean Currents Map

In the above map one of the


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