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Pachira Aquatica Houseplant

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In East Asia, Pachira aquatica (Chinese: 馬拉巴栗; pinyin: Mǎlābā lì; literally: "Malabar chestnut") is often referred to as the "money tree" (發財樹 fācái shù). The ... Read more tree had long been popular as an ornamental in Japan. In 1986, a Taiwanese truck driver first cultivated five small trees in a single flowerpot with their trunks braided. The popularity of these ornamentals took off in Japan and later much of the rest of East Asia. They are symbolically associated with good financial fortune and are typically seen in businesses, sometimes with red ribbons or other auspicious ornamentation attached. The trees play an important role in Taiwan's agricultural export economy with exports of NT$250 million (US$7 million) in 2005. However, much of what is in cultivation sold as Pachira aquatica is, in actuality, a similar species, P. glabra, which develops a thick base at a younger age and has a smaller growth habit, less showy flowers, and a 6" green seed pod rather than 12" brown seed pod.

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A5876- PACHIRA AQUATICA   SYN   Pachira Aquatica Houseplant



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Pachira aquatica  house  Pachira Aquatica Houseplant

Pachira aquatica house


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Pachira Aquatica bonsai plant  Pachira Aquatica Houseplant

Pachira Aquatica bonsai plant


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picture  Pachira Aquatica  Pachira Aquatica Houseplant

picture Pachira Aquatica


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Houseplant - Pachira aquatica  Pachira Aquatica Houseplant

Houseplant - Pachira aquatica


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The Pachira Aquatica is a  Pachira Aquatica Houseplant

The Pachira Aquatica is a


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Tree - Pachira aquatica  Pachira Aquatica Houseplant

Tree - Pachira aquatica


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Picture - Pachira aquatica  Pachira Aquatica Houseplant

Picture - Pachira aquatica


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Bonsai Pachira Aquatica  Pachira Aquatica Houseplant

Bonsai Pachira Aquatica


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pachira aquatica money plant  Pachira Aquatica Houseplant

pachira aquatica money plant


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Pachira Houseplant Bonsai  Pachira Aquatica Houseplant

Pachira Houseplant Bonsai


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