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Dacia 1100

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The R8 (model R1130) was released in June 1962 and was based on the Renault Dauphine with which it shared its basic architecture and its 2,270 mm ... Read more (89. 4 in) wheelbase. The style, closely following that of the first prototype produced, at unusually short notice, by Philippe Charbonneaux, was fashionably boxy, however; while the Renault 8 was actually 30 mm (1. 2 in) narrower than the Dauphine, the manufacturer was able to install thick cushioned front seats that were actually each 60 mm (2. 4 in) wider, at 560 mm (22. 0 in), than those fitted in the Dauphine. The R8's engine followed the pioneering example of the recently introduced Renault 4 by incorporating a sealed for life cooling system. A distinctive innovation on the French produced cars was the fitting of four-wheel disc brakes, a first for a saloon/sedan car of this size. However, when in 1965 Renault's Spanish affiliate introduced their own version of the Renault 8 for the (then tariff-shielded) Spanish market, it came with drum brakes.

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     Dacia 1100 1024x768  Dacia 1100

Dacia 1100 1024x768


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Dacia 1100  2496894  Dacia 1100

Dacia 1100 2496894


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From Dacia 1300 to Dacia  Dacia 1100

From Dacia 1300 to Dacia


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Dacia 1100 Photo Gallery  Dacia 1100

Dacia 1100 Photo Gallery


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Foto di Dacia 1100 - Foto di  Dacia 1100

Foto di Dacia 1100 - Foto di


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Dacia 1100 Frantuzoaica 1970  Dacia 1100

Dacia 1100 Frantuzoaica 1970


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