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C Section Scar

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For otherwise healthy twin pregnancies where both twins are head down a trial of vaginal delivery is recommended at between 37 and 38 weeks. Vaginal ... Read more delivery in this case does not worsen the outcome for the infant as compared with Caesarean section. There is controversy on the best method of delivery were the first twin is head first and the second is not. When the first twin is not head down a C-section is often recommended. Regardless of birth by section or vaginally, the medical literature recommends delivery of dichorionic twins at 38 weeks, and monochorionic twins (identical twins sharing a placenta) by 37 weeks due to the increased risk of stillbirth in monochorionic twins who remain in utero after 37 weeks. The consensus is that late preterm delivery of monochorionic twins is justified because the risk of stillbirth for post-37 week delivery is significantly higher than the risks posed by delivering monochorionic twins near term (i. e. , 36–37 weeks).

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C Section Scar Pictures  C Section Scar

C Section Scar Pictures


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How to Take Care of C-section  C Section Scar

How to Take Care of C-section


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Treating C-Section Scars  C Section Scar

Treating C-Section Scars


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middle of my scar sucks is  C Section Scar

middle of my scar sucks is


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is right above my scar   C Section Scar

is right above my scar


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C-sections are prone to  C Section Scar

C-sections are prone to


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Get Rid Of C-Section Scars  C Section Scar

Get Rid Of C-Section Scars


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over the c-section scar  C Section Scar

over the c-section scar


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Photobucket Pictures  Images  C Section Scar

Photobucket Pictures Images


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its so tiny and it going  C Section Scar

its so tiny and it going


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